Exemplar: Cook

Captain James Cook FRS
Explorer, Navigator, Cartographer, Naval Captain.
Ambition to go “farther than any man has been before me, but as far as I think it is possible for a man to go”.
First detailed maps of the entrance to the St Lawrence River, Quebec.
First detailed maps of Newfoundland.
First detailed maps of Australia’s east coast.
First detailed maps of New Zealand.
First circumnavigation of New Zealand.
Successfully developed nutrition techniques which allowed him to circumnavigate the globe without any instance of scurvy.
First European contact with east coast Australian Aborigines.
First European contact with Māoris.
First to cross the Antarctic Circle.
First detailed maps of South Georgia.
Discovered Clerke Rocks and South Sandwich Islands.
First to use the marine chronometer.
First detailed maps of the North American northwest coast to Alaska and the Bering Strait.
First European contact with Hawaiians.


For more of our illustrious exemplars, see Hillary, Mackenzie, Armstrong, Mawson, Jenner and Philip.

James Cook

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