The Thinking WASP 2

Dear Reader,

You are Anglo-Celtic!

You are the inheritor of a bedazzling, influential, articulate and creative culture.

You might describe yourself by any of the following: WASP, Anglo-Saxon, Anglophone, Anglosphere, Celt, British, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish, Ulsterman, American, Yankee, Yank, Anglo-Canadian, Canuck, Aussie, Kiwi, protestant, colonial, preppy, Commonwealth, Oxbridge, Sloan Ranger or Boston Brahman.

However you self-identify, you are cultural cousins. You are Anglo-Celtic, whether in the British Isles or its Great Diaspora.

Our culture has changed the world for the better and The Thinking WASP is a haven to pause in celebration of our breathtaking accomplishments as a people.

Each post is a light and effortless one to three minute read. Easy, right?

And if The Thinking WASP has done its job, in that brief moment you’ll gain a gentle reminder of who you are, your Anglo-Celtic culture and what makes you tick.

Here’s what people like you say about The Thinking WASP:

“Very inspiring!”

“Finally…a calm bay where I might drop anchor for a bit, refit the masts, and repair the sails”

“100% love this site.”

Other’s say …

“First-class blog about the English-speaking people!”

“I’m moved. You’ve kept faith with our forefathers.”

Look what’s on offer …

You’ll discover our exemplars who transfix the world. You’ll be entranced by our gorgeous art. Our unrivalled science will surely impress.

From quaint hamlet and town, to the architecture on display there, from our customs and to our sporting life, you’ll see it in all it’s comforting majesty.

Subscribers feel compelled to write:

“Timely reminder of how good we are. Cheers!”

“Yes, Yes, Yes! More please.”

and …

“To feel good, I switch off the negative news and turn to The Thinking WASP!”

There’s so much more to explore, from gardens to military feats, from our achievements to the natural landscapes which move us.

And if all you want is something familiar to eat or drink, you can’t beat our list of traditional Anglo-Celtic cuisine.

Underpinning it all are our foundational values. Tolerance, a fair go, independence, truth, adaptability, noblesse oblige, freedom, subtlety, defiance, creativity, organization, grit, curiosity, discretion, thrift, exploration, compassion, drive, pragmatism, enterprise and self-reliance are on display time and again.

The Thinking WASP is both a quiet respite from the clamorous culture wars and a place to become culturally sure-footed in this unsure world. The Thinking WASP calls you to the better part of ourselves. You will therefore not find the glum or the radical here.

“You are doing great work with your blog.”

“Congratulations! Speaking up for our forefathers and our living kinsmen is really a bond and a matter of loyalty.”

“So wonderful to have found your page! It is a blessing to read.”

You are Anglo-Celtic. Relish your culture.

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The Thinking WASP

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