The Lark Ascending

For many of us, accessing that inner feeling of floating ethereally into a contemplative nothingness is difficult, even impossible.

Yet with Vaughan William, his masterful The Lark Ascending and fifteen minutes of solitude, you will effortlessly float on the clouds.


It’s a gorgeous, rich example of our high art.

Settle in now. Make yourself comfortable and listen:

You’ll soar. You’ll fly. You’ll dream.

And when it touchingly ends, you’ll savour even that very last note like the audience listening with you, holding on as it gently fades away.

The Lark Ascending.

Musical genius of your culture.

Cherish it. Listen to it. Share it.

For more about our musical and singing traditions, listen to A Soldier’s Song, King’s College Carols, Mo Ghille Mear, Football Anthems and Zadok The Priest

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