Hard Boiled

Sweets, candy, lollies,
No matter the word you use,
Is there anything more tempting than
Hard boiled?

Hard Boiled Lollies

At Christmas, dainty crystal bowls
Spilling over with colour.

Pear Drops, Bull’s Eyes,
Humbugs, Lemonade Fizzbombs.


Pick me. No, pick me …
They seem to whisper in competition
To please
Your salivating mouth.

Lemon Sherbets, Rhubard and Custard,
Rosey Apples, Sour Cherries.


Sherbet Lemons

You politely select an Iron Brew Cream …
(and when no-one’s looking)
… a Clove Ball too
… and, unable to resist a second offering,
a Bonfire Toffee and Sour Apple Rock
just to join in the festivities.

Bonfire Toffee

(Didn’t know know?)
It’s good manners to indulge
In these drops of heaven.

And before you know it,
there’s a Spearmint Roller to try,
a few Chocolate Satins to enjoy,
Aniseed Balls and Barley Sugar,
Strawberry and Cream.

Hard Boiled Lollies 2

And over merriment and laughter,
With everyone else,
There’s Peaches and Cream,
an Acid Drop and Pineapple Cube.

You politely say No thank you
to the Gobstopper!
(What was the hostess thinking?)

But in a moment,
I’ll try just one
to a Vicious Violet and
Well if no-one else will
to a Cherry Twist and maybe
just one Cinnamon Ball.

Cherry Twist

A Gobstopper?

No, I couldn’t. Thank you.
(She must think I’m twelve!)

But it’s Christmas.
In fact, it could be any time of the year
To indulge in an Army and Navy,
a singular Black Cherry
… and, well maybe one last


Hard boiled lollies.
Suck! Don’t bite. *smile*
Taste your culture.

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